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Two Sexy Veggies Take Over Café Gratitude in Venice, CA

After all the talk of Café Gratitude finally opening a location in the Venice/Santa Monica area we had to check it out! And we are super happy we did. Mind you they were extremely busy and still working through the kinks of being a new restaurant. Don’t try to go without first making a reservation and if you are in a rush, not the place for you either.

If you have been living under a rock, here’s what Café Gratitude is all about. It is a 100% organic vegan restaurant known for their gourmet raw and cooked cuisine. Before you have a flash back to Sex and The City and their raw food restaurant experience, this food actually tastes good! Really good! And if raw is too big of a step for you, stick to the cooked specialties.

When the hippie server greeted our table the first question she asked was, “Do you want to hear the question of the day?” Just say yes! It was a creative way of starting a conversation at the table. Our question of the day was “What do you love to share?” We of course said our love for healthy eating and a clean and loving lifestyle.

You also have got to LOVE their menu. Filled with unique and clever names like I am Adventurous, I am Magical, and I am Accepting, their entire menu makes you feel good about what you are eating. WAY better than a cruel environment sucking double quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, and a side of lardy curly fries. As an added bonus you might be lucky like us and go on a night someone is celebrating a birthday or better yet go on your own birthday. They turn up the music really loud and everyone (the employees and other patrons) get up and sing and dance around. Pretty entertaining! Definitely try out Café Gratitude and if we are there, stop by our table and tell us what you are grateful for!

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